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music for viola (and other instruments, too) by Michael Kimber
2010 recipient of the American Viola Society’s prestigious
Founders Award in recognition of his compositions for viola

• solos, duets and more, from elementary through advanced levels
• Kimber’s widely adopted Scales, Arpeggios, and Double Stops
for viola and violin

Eminent Polish violist Marcin Murawski, in collaboration with colleagues and
talented students, has recorded seven CDs of Michael Kimber’s music for viola
solo, viola with string orchestra, and viola ensemble on the Acte Préalable label.
Here are further details about Murawski’s CDs, including a
limited-time discount on the purchase of three or more CDs!

Learn more about Michael Kimber’s appealing solo and ensemble MUSIC.
To order music, click on HOW TO ORDER, or send an e-mail to Michael Kimber.

• the world-famous poly-pad shoulder rest for violin and viola

“secure, comfortable support with a shoulder pad you almost don’t feel!”
Since 1990 the poly-pad has found its way to every state in the U.S.
and to over twenty foreign countries and has been enthusiastically
adopted as the shoulder rest of first choice by many teachers, who
praise it for encouraging good playing posture in their students.

Learn more about the amazing (as so many players have described it!) POLY-PAD.
To order poly-pads, click on HOW TO ORDER, or send an e-mail to Michael Kimber.

Please don’t confuse the poly-pad with other foam pads that look similar.
I haven’t seen one that has the poly-pad’s unique shape that has been
praised by countless teachers and players as the best they’ve ever found.

Michael Kimber, violist, composer, and pedagogue   
Recent and Upcoming Performances
If you are performing or have recently performed any of my music,
please email me at with details
and I will be happy to list them. Free publicity for all of us!

Viola Lessons (in Iowa City) with Michael Kimber

• other items of possible interest to string players, including:
The Practice Bow and The Fingerboard, two practice aids from violist Kathryn Plummer
• some straightforward and informative videos on intonation by pedagogue Kurt Sassmannshaus
• a short intonation survey that you can take, report your results, and get feedback! (.pdf)
• a chart comparing melodic and harmonic intonation with equal temperament (.pdf)
• an essay about playing melodically and harmonically in tune (.pdf)
• an essay about what your teacher never told you about intonation (.pdf)
• an essay about how to convert musical interval frequency ratios to cents (.pdf)
• Michael Kimber’s 43-page DMA lecture recital paper (.pdf, 3.7 MB),
Intonation Variables in the Performance of Twelve-Tone Music
• The one-page abstract of Kimber’s DMA lecture recital paper (.pdf)
• A humorous(?) article about Hoffmeister's famous viola concerto (.pdf)
• The author's notes on the writing of the previous article (.pdf)
• Some outrageous humor(?) about Michael Kimber's mythical ancestry
• Speculation on the origin of the cello suites of J. S. Bach


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